• 10 x borders (vector and PNG format)
  • 93 x clip arts (vector and PNG format)
  • 19 x ornaments (vector and PNG format)
  • 12 x patterns (vector and PNG format)
  • 7 x wreaths (vector and PNG format)
  • lowercase and uppercase
  • OTF




Stobau is a lovely Rustic Script ready to beautify your modern design project
The ornaments have a range of items to enhance your work, and even come with some versatile patterns and text dividers. All made to save time and make branding and designing super-easy!You can download the demo version throught this link:

You may: Use on any media project (print, text, web), regardless of page views or print run. Create and sell a product which includes the font integrated into the final product (t-shirts, cards, prints, books and ebooks, etc. ) Use in creating marketing material for your business (including previews, ads, business cards, logos, freebies, etc.)

You may not: Sell, redistribute, give away, claim as your own or copy any font. Redistribution includes providing font on a server for others to download. Create editable applications or templates where the end user creates their own product (t-shirts, phone apps, .pdf templates, photobooks, etc.). Create a derivative product and sell or giveaway as your own (embroidery font, copy in a font creation app, etc.)

Pop me a message should you have any questions at all.

Thanks so much and happy designing!

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