Embracing virtual reality with Orange

Immersive Now is Orange’s 360° entertainment and event platform that offers virtual reality experience.
With a wide range of virtual reality content and live events available on the iOS, Android and Oculus stores.

Information Architecture and Wireframing

App and VR designs

End-To-End Designer


The goal was to design a library of 360 videos and live events accessible from Oculus and mobile.
The challenge was to create the journey and a visual that would be consistent and functional for all devices.

VR and Mobile layouts

The final designs featured a comprehensive navigation bar that encircled the VR space, as well as a mobile-friendly layout.
The library highlighted labels for “Coming Up” and “Live” event contents. Additionally, we delivered the settings page, a favorites page, a history page, and a search system were incorporated into the design. Description pages provided detailed information about movies or live events. The playback settings allowed users to customize their viewing experience, including changing the point of view for movies or live events. Numerous other features were also incorporated to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the app.

We worked closely with the developers and kept active communication to reach best results

The logo

I contributed to the conceptualization of the logo for the app. Through brainstorming and ideation, we explored different visual representations and concepts that aligned with the brand identity and values of the app.

Onboarding design and animation for VR and Mobile

We developed the VR onboarding experience for the app, which included animations to enhance user engagement. The onboarding process was thoughtfully designed to guide users through the app’s features and functionalities, providing a seamless and intuitive introduction to the app’s interface. Animations were strategically incorporated to add visual interest and enhance the overall user experience, making the onboarding process engaging and enjoyable. The animations were carefully designed to align with the app’s branding and visual style, creating a cohesive and immersive onboarding experience for users.

App Store and Google Play Store designs

We designed and created images tailored for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, ensuring that the visuals effectively communicated the essence of the app and its features to potential users on both platforms.