Transforming the Learning Experience with animations

Framework puts self-directed learning, designed especially for Startupland, in the hands of the employees.

As senior illustrator and animator, I worked with the content team to  uncover the very best steal-worthy tools, techniques and methodologies used by the world’s top tech companies, and distil them into actionable 15-minute Frameworks.

Responsible for creating the look and feel of the company’s visual language,
I developed the illustration style and guidelines

Strategizing with storyboards to uncover techniques and methodologies used by the world’s top tech companies and delivering weekly 15-minute interactive and animated learning Frameworks.

I illustrated the storyboard sketches, ensuring consistency with the brand’s visual identity.
Collaborate closely with other UI and UX Designers to find practical solutions to challenging workflows.

I animated the learning flows applying the best principles of layout composition, typography, visual hierarchy and motion design.
Exported them in Lottie format for the developer’s use

The video below shows one of the frameworks we published.

It emphasizes the importance of adopting a multiplier approach as a manager, which involves validating and amplifying the talents of others while creating an atmosphere of trust and creativity.

My illustrations and animations visually convey this concept and help make it more engaging and accessible to the audience.

In 5 months I illustrated and produced animations for over 50 frameworks

To ensure a cohesive visual for the branded illustrations, I utilized Figma, a collaborative design tool that allowed the team to provide feedback and input on the preferred style that would work best for the app.

we engaged in discussions to determine the preferred illustration style for our audience, deliberating between organic or geometric shapes. We also took into consideration our inclusive culture when deciding on the color palette for the illustrations. These discussions allowed us to align our creative choices with our audience’s preferences and ensure that the illustrations resonated with our inclusive values, resulting in a visually appealing and culturally relevant design for our app.