Revamp Orange digital experience

App Center is an app that allows Orange customers to access easily essential services and download safely applications and take advantage of Orange partner’s exclusive offers.

The assignment was to update and refresh the App Center app.
The main aim was to include and promote a new catalog of 5G apps.

Information Architecture and Wireframing


End-To-End Designer

Information Architecture

To incorporate the 5G collection and revamp the website and mobile app, I utilized Miro board as a collaborative tool to work on information architecture and strategize with the team on the most optimal navigation flow across all pages. This allowed us to plan and organize the content and interactions effectively, ensuring a seamless user experience throughout the website and mobile app.


Once the main structure of the app has been approved and the team confirmed the content I started to wireframe, to present ideas and layout I used the google sides, this allowed smooth communications with developers and product owner .

Ui Elements

Every element of the design was meticulously crafted with a focus on efficiency for both dark and light modes. Careful consideration was given to ensure that the visual elements, color schemes, and overall aesthetics were optimized for both modes, providing an optimal user experience regardless of the chosen theme.

A few pages of the before and after