Immersive Communication with Orange’s App

The assignment was to develop and design a mobile and web application for immersive 360 video call: a mobile and web application that allows users to chat, videocall and broadcast using immersive 360 video




App and WebDesign (UX/UI)

Illustrations and Animation

End-To-End Designer


Rough sketches on paper provide a holistic overview of my conceptual ideas for the pages and interactions, allowing me to visualize the overall design direction.


Wireframes created on Whimsical foster active engagement among team members, enabling them to provide comments, feedback, and conduct thorough examinations to understand how different elements would function together.

Final designs deliveries

The designs encompassed various services, such as first launch app, 360 video calls for both individuals and groups, group management, chat functionality, incall features, as well as incoming and outgoing call designs. Additionally, there were dedicated pages for group and individual card management, and chat functionality.

As the app was intended for both desktop and mobile platforms, we designed the interface in various sizes. Additionally, we implemented both dark and light modes to offer users a choice in their preferred visual theme.

Finally, I designed and created images tailored for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, ensuring that the visuals effectively communicated the essence of the app and its features to potential users on both platforms.

Onboarding – from sketch to motion

Powerpoint presentation of the app with illustrations

We crafted a presentation that demonstrated the app’s functionalities and capabilities through real-world case scenarios. The presentation was designed to illustrate how the app could be used in practical scenarios, showcasing its value and potential impact for users. This approach allowed the team to effectively communicate the app’s benefits and highlight its practical applications in various use cases.